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ATM/Debit Mastercard

A Debit MasterCard works like a check, only better, because it is your checkbook and ATM card rolled into one. Best of all, there is no annual or monthly fee. When you use your Debit MasterCard, the purchase amount comes directly from your share draft account at Plus4 Credit Union. There is no finance charge or credit card balance to repay because your purchase is deducted from funds you have on deposit at the credit union.

Your Debit MasterCard is accepted at thousands of merchant, financial institutions, and ATM locations worldwide. Just look for the MasterCard logo and use your card anywhere the logo is displayed. The Debit MasterCard can also be used as an ATM card for cash withdrawals, deposit and POS transactions by using your PIN number. Getting a Plus4 Debit MasterCard is easy. For lost or stolen Debit Mastercards please call (1-888-241-2510).