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Products & Services

Convenience Services

Teller Line is an automated telephone system and was designed to assist you with your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using Teller Line, you can conduct your own account transactions at any hour of any day from anywhere there is a touch-tone telephone. You can do such transactions as balance inquiries, transfers, withdrawals, loan payments, verify what checks have cleared, place stop payments on checks, order copies of cleared checks, order ATM and Debit cards and PIN numbers and a variety of other transactions. Prompts are available in English and Spanish.

To access Teller Line, call (713) 970-6200 and press option 7 or call toll-free (800) 621-6752 and press option 7. You'll need your Plus4 account number and PIN number to access your account. If this is the first time using Teller Line, please listen carefully to the prompts to to set up your initial PIN number.

Online Banking & Bill Pay

No lines?... no waiting?... no check writing. You can conduct your financial transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere you have Internet access. Everything you need is available with the click of your mouse. With our Online Banking, you can:

  • View your current transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • View detailed account information
  • Stop payment on a check
  • Withdraw by check
  • Export account information to Quicken, Microsoft Money and Excel
  • View and print your cancelled check images

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Pay your bills the easy way with our online Bill Payment Service from Plus4 Credit Union. You can pay your bills one at a time or set up a schedule that pays them automatically. Using our Bill Payment service, you can cut bill paying time in half, saving you time and money. It's easy to sign up. Just sign on to the Online Banking page and click on the Bill Payment icon and follow the instructions for electronic sign-up. We're so sure you'll find our Bill Payment Service the most convenient way to pay your bills that we offer it FREE of charge, there is no monthly fee for Online Bill Payment.

Click here to go to the home banking sign-on screen and get started today!

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Online Statements

E-statements provide you with a convenient way to receive your monthly and quarterly account statement. Sign up now to receive your statement online, anytime! E-statements replace the mail delivery of printed statements. With our new E-Statement service, you can:

  • Get your statement faster - no more waiting or watching your mailbox. You will be notified via email when your statement is ready for viewing.
  • Access your statement conveniently - login once to online banking to access your accounts, view your statements, pay your bills all in one convenient place!
  • Increase your security - your information is stored securely online
  • Print statements anytime, as many copies as you want
  • View and print up to 12 months of statement history

Here's how to sign up:

Access your account online (you must have online banking access to sign up for e-statements, if not, fill out the online banking application in the applications menu).

Click on the online statements button at the top
Accept the disclosure that pops up
That's it! You will receive a confirmation email. Wait until the beginning of the month and you will receive an email notifying you that your statement is ready to be viewed online. (Until then, when you click on online statements, you will receive a message stating that there are no available statements to view).

To access your statement inserts, click on the quick links box on our home page and select statement inserts. A history of statement inserts is stored on the tools and education page at

ATM/Debit MasterCard

A Debit MasterCard works like a check, only better, because it is your checkbook and ATM card rolled into one. Best of all, there is no annual or monthly fee. When you use your Debit MasterCard, the purchase amount comes directly from your share draft account at Plus4 Credit Union. There is no finance charge or credit card balance to repay because your purchase is deducted from funds you have on deposit at the credit union.

Your Debit MasterCard is accepted at thousands of merchant, financial institutions, and ATM locations worldwide. Just look for the MasterCard logo and use your card anywhere the logo is displayed. The Debit MasterCard can also be used as an ATM card for cash withdrawals, deposit and POS transactions by using your PIN number. Getting a Plus4 Debit MasterCard is easy. For lost or stolen Debit Mastercards please call (1-888-241-2510).

Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Avoid a trip to the credit union by using Direct Deposit to have your pay, social security, pension or other government payments deposited to your account electronically. This is a great way to be certain your money will get where it is supposed to be on time, every time. With Payroll Deduction, you can have your loan payment automatically deducted from your pay so you'll have one less check to write every month. To set-up Direct Deposit, contact your employer or the credit union for a form. For US Postal employees, simply call the toll free PostalEASE number at 1-877-4PS-EASE (1-877-477-3273) and select option 1 (PostalEASE), then enter your SSN and your USPS PIN. You will need to have on hand Plus4 Credit Union's routing number which is 313083675 and the account number you want your earnings transferred to. Direct Deposit and Payroll Deductions are just two of the ways Plus4 can help make managing your financial business easier.

Automatic Transfers & Payments

With Automatic Transfers, you never have to wonder if you forgot to make that transfer. It is the easiest way to make sure you have the money you want, where you want it. Transfers can be set up for savings, checking, and money market savings or you can transfer paid interest from a CD.

With an Automatic Payment, you can arrange to have certain monthly payments deducted automatically from your account and paid for you.

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers debits or credits your Plus4 account, usually in the same day. Not only is this a convenience, this method of cash management provides a safer way of dealing with large cash amounts.

Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions

Wiring requests and instructions must be received in writing.

Wire To: Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, Plano, TX 75024
ABA# 311990511
Credit: Plus4 Credit Union
Address: 9998 Almeda Genoa, Houston, TX, 77075
Acct#: 313083675
Final Credit: Member's Name, Member's Acct #, Savings or Checking

Outgoing Wire Transfer Instructions

Wiring requests and instructions must be received in person. A $25 fee is charge for all outgoing wires. Outgoing wire requests must be received in person no later than 1:30 PM in order for the wire to be initiated on the same day. The following information is needed when making an outgoing wire transfer:

  • Member name and member number
  • Current home address and contact telephone number
  • Amount to be wired
  • Name of first financial institution to receive wired funds
  • Receiving financial institution's city and state
  • Receiving financial institution's routing number
  • Name of additional financial institutions as required
  • Name and account number of party receiving benefit of wired funds
  • Receiving party's address and telephone number

If the receiver/beneficiary of the wire transfer is not a Plus4 member, please have the following information about them available:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Full Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Drivers License Number

CardNavSM by CO-OP

New security and control for cardholders.

Introducing unprecedented, real-time control over your debit and credit cards through your smartphone or tablet.

CardNav adds another level of security to your cards by letting you decide how and when they can be used, and alerting you when any types of transactions you specify take place. You can even use CardNav to set personal spending limits that help you stay within your budget goals.

  • Turn cards on or off in seconds.
  • Use GPS to restrict transactions to businesses within a designated area.
  • Limit card use to specific merchants or purchases.
  • Receive real-time, in-app alerts that let you stop unauthorized purchases before they're complete.
  • Receive alerts when you’re getting close to any personal spending limits you've set.

Download the CardNav by CO-OP app, and gain a new level of security and control over your money today.

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